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reseau experts environnement

GREENVIBES is a French consultancy founded in 2008 by two associates working closely with a network of experts and French/foreign partners. They all have in common the capacity to quickly build bridges between various issues and disciplines playing an active part in sustainable policy implementation. In addition, they have all been trained and have a thorough expertise in particular subjects (Urban Planning, Ecology, Communication, Legal aspects...), enabling a professional dialogue with specialists.



ANGELIE BARAL - Founder and Managing Director
Master of Science in Environmental Technology (2001), Imperial College London

Trained as an Ecologist, Angelie BARAL has a particular expertise on la Environmental monitoring, writing books for the general public, recommendation guides and audit methodologies for major companies (Veolia, Lafarge Biodiversity Index…) , and Project management, monitoring and evaluation. She has especially monitored actions in communication, result dissemination and networking of LIFE projects in different countries for the European Commission, as well as the scientific and technical evaluation of French LIFE projects. Besides, she has carried out several AEU (Environmental Assessment of Urban Planning) for local municipalities.

Angélie BARAL is also a columnist for the l’Express magazine and a blog editor since 2005 with "Gestes Environnement" (An action a day for the Environment), which has become a reference on the internet.

HARI BARAL - Associate Director
Architect & Urban Planner, 30 years of experience in Project management, monitoring and evaluation, particularly linked to infrastructure development and water resource management.

He is regularly commissioned by the United Nations and the European Commission among others, to work in Asia (Saudi Arabia, India, Bengladesh, Laos) and Africa (Gabon, Senegal). He frequently takes part in various projects' evaluation and monitoring for the European Commission (ASIA-URBS, ASIA PRO ECO, LIFE ENVIRONNEMENT, ACP-EU Water Facility programmes...). He is also reguglarly appointed by international organisations (UNESCO, World Road Association…) in the framework of poverty reduction ans public empowerment in sustainable development.

Hari BARAL was Vice president of ISOCARP (global association of professional planners) from 1997 to 2003. He is a member of, among others, the European Council of Spatial Planners, the American Planning Association and the UNESCO Joint Programme Commission on Poverty.


Greenvibes has long rely on its networking strength. Thanks to our management team's experience, education and cultural background, our company has built up strong relationships with a panel of experts able to cover all fields taking part in the implementation of a sustainable development.

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